Miley: Classy As Always

Miley Cyrus: Proving once again, you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the stripper out of– wait a minute…

Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, Miley performed her song “Party In The USA.”  First, she emerges from what appears to be a big mobile home.  Go figure.  Then, she gave all her teen (and tween) fans a real treat when she hopped up on a ice cream cart and undulated around a tall, silver pole…


Um.  What?  Forget the fact that Miley sings like a wanna-be karaoke contest winner.  Forget the slightly questionable outfit she wore to the TEEN Choice Awards.  This is not okay.

Now, there are some idiots out there who think this was totally cool.  After all, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders dance around in little cheerleading outfits all the time, right?  Wrong.  Someone whose TARGET audience is made up of little girls should probably avoid slutting it up and pole-dancing on national TV.  Period.  I know there was that exotic dancing exercise craze a little while back…  But c’mon, how many 11-year old girls were enrolled in stripper dance class?

More on this ridiculousness here and here.  Video below (fast forward to 1:00, unless you really want to hear her sing).


UPDATE: Ed Norwick, the general manager of New York stripclub SCORES, has issued the following statement:

“While Miley did show off some skills, we at SCORES cannot encourage this kind of behavior for women under the legal age. If she’d like to come try out in a couple of years, our door’s open!”

HA! Looks like Miley’s got a future in entertainment after all…


2 Responses to Miley: Classy As Always

  1. shwu says:

    Wow. Ok, the dancing was just kind of meh (maybe you had to be there?), but the singing…. it sounded like me on Rock Band. Maybe worse.

  2. Sein Maestro says:

    this child needs help

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