“Asian Fit”

September 30, 2009

It seems that Oakley is trying to target the Asian (American?) market with these “Asian Fit” goggles:

Apparently they are “Designed to compliment Asian facial anatomy in both fit and comfort.”



UPDATE: Aha… This explains what they mean: Asian Fit Explained.


Snickers: LAME

March 26, 2009

This really saddens me… Beacuse I love Snickers.  Especially the new dark chocolate variety.  Mmmmmm…

But man, this is terrible.  I’m sure most of you have seen the new ad campaign featuring “clever” slogans such as:

  • “Sign up for a Hungerectomy”
  • “Enroll in Chocollege”
  • “Learn to speak Snacklish”
  • “Book an appointment with Doctor Feedzmore”
  • and my personal favorite: “Ride on The Ate Train”

Now, most of these ads, while kind of dumb, are mostly harmless (unless you’re really offended by sheer dumbness of it all, which case, perhaps you’ve been harmed.  And for that, I’m sorry…).  However, this new ad was sighted on a giant highway billboard on I-95, outside of Philly:   

Sign Up For A Racial Sensitivity-otomy

Sign Up For A Racial Sensitivity-otomy

COME. ON.  Really?  Chew Sum Yum?  Did I sit on a flux capacitor and get zapped in the ass with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity?  I haven’t seen this kind shit so widely broadcast since the days of Long Duk Dong.  Not that being whispered quietly to oneself makes this sort of thing any less wrong… But for a giant corporation (who, as I mentioned earlier, makes some very tasty treats) to use such a terrible racial stereotype-driven idea for a somewhat silly but otherwise innocuous ad campaign is just very disappointing and upsetting. 

I’d shake my fist, but I’m too hungry.  Perhaps I will get a hungerectomy from someone other than (sniff) Dr. Feedzmore…


PS – As a side note, I saw someone on Facebook once get angry about the use of the term “hungerectomy” because she thought it was a play on the word “hysterectomy.”  I really wanted to respond to the comment, but I didn’t know her so I didn’t… But dude, in case you are reading this, the suffix “-ectomy” refers to a procedure in which some part of your body is removed (e.g. appendectomy, tonsilectomy, thyroidectomy, etc).  Outside of the word beginning with an “h,” there really isn’t any other similarity to the term “hystorectomy.”  I’m all for getting angry at stupid shit.  But you kind of missed the target with that one.  Pump your breaks, man.