Twana Chapman: Crazy Ass Parking Cop

October 26, 2009
Twana's Gonna Get You, Sucka!

Twana's Gonna Get You, Sucka!

Earlier this month, down in Chinatown NYC, some crazy parking cop mamed Twana Chapman tried to give Qiang Nian Zhu a parking ticket.  Sounds pretty normal.   After all, people get parking tickets all the time.  Oh wait… Except this time:

  • Zhu still had a minute left on his parking pass
  • Zhu’s wife was at the MuniMeter buying another pass
  • Chapman decided to give Zhu a ticket anyway
  • Zhu tried to cover his registration number so Chapman couldn’t see it… She responded by shouting at him and smacking him in the face with her scanner
  • Chapman supposedly then started shouting “You f—— Chinese, go back where you came from. All of you f—— Chinese,” at the crowd that was gathering
  • Zhu gets ARRESTED for some nonsense (obstructing administrative blah blah blah), spends 9 hours in jail, and is now facing criminal charges
  • All of this is captured on security camera footage

Wtf.  So the moral of the story is, even if you’re parked legally, cops can give you a ticket.  If you argue, you get smacked in the head and arrested.  Awesome.

More story and video footage here



Bad Samaritan

January 28, 2009

Down in Washington, DC, there is a man walking around that is a complete jerk.  (Yes, I’m fully aware that there are many men walking around that are complete jerks, but this one’s jerkiness is just remarkable)

Peking Express, a local Chinese takeout joint, was robbed by three men who came in from the rear door of the kitchen… All while a customer (aforementioned jerk) was being waited upon in the front of the store.  These robbers demanded money from the old lady working there.  When she refused, they forced her into the back of the restaurant and pistol whipped her.  

Now, as all of this was happening, dickhead customer decided this would be a good time to leave.  So he leaves the store.  Surely he was going to go call the police, right?  Perhaps tell someone what was going on?  

NO!  This ass decided he’d just come back after all the commotion had died down and ASK FOR HIS FOOD.  


They gave him his money back and told him to get lost.

More on this story here.


Train… OF DOOOM!

October 1, 2005

What is it with people that sit/stand around complaining very loudly about things they don’t intend to (or simply cannot) change? And why is it that these people always happen to be on my train in my train car when the MTA decides it’s going to do something stupid like wait until the doors close to tell us that it’s an express train?

So last night I hop on the train to get home. Halfway there, we get an announcement saying that the train will have to stop and unload everyone… But, not to worry, there is another train on the opposite side of the station.

We all jump off the train, runs over to the other side of the station, and breathes a sigh of relief as we board the new train. The conductor tries to close the door several times, but people keep holding it open and getting on. Eventually, the car is packed with slightly agitated, very tired people, myself included.

However, as the train starts to move, a voice comes over the intercom informing us that this is actually an express train and will be skipping the next 5 stops (the 2nd of which was my stop). Now, I wasn’t happy about this, but I quickly realized (along with most of the other folks on the train) that there was nothing I could possibly do to change this situation. The fellow standing next to me, though, didn’t quite feel the same. He kept repeating things like “I can’t believe this!” and “This is ridiculous” and, my favorite, “I can’t believe no one else is perturbed by this!” Over… and over… and over again.

Now, the first two exclamations that he made were understandable. But the third… why?? EVERYone on the train was agitated. What were we supposed to do? Revolt? Tar and feather the driver? Honestly, I was just getting more agitated with this idiot than with the situation. Thankfully, the train pulled into the station a few minutes later and I was able to distance myself from this walking sack of stupidity. Should I have said something to him? Perhaps. Maybe if the train were stuck somewhere, I might’ve lost my patience. But instead, I was satisfied to be annoyed, but slightly amused, at this moron and the situation he was creating.

Besides, I try not to argue with idiots.