Miley Cyrus: Worst Celebrity Influence

October 30, 2009

It’s official.  Miley Cyrus is THE worst celebrity influence, beating out both Britney and Kanye.

What more is there to say?



The Onion: What Are We Angrily Shaking Our Fists At?

August 5, 2009


Courtesy of the Onion


Miley Cyrus: Gimme My Money!

February 13, 2009


Okay, I couldn’t resist posting about this craziness.  According to TMZ, a lady named Lucie Kim out in LA has filed a class action lawsuit against Miley Cyrus for mocking Asian Americans with her “goofy” picture

Now that in and of itself is pretty hilarious.  But the best part is that Kim is claiming to represent the roughly 1 million Asians in LA County.  She’s also saying that Goofy Pose Cyrus owes each and every one of them $4,000.  So the grand total comes to… 4 BILLION DOLLARS!

Yes, this is a crazy.  Yes, it’ll needlessly gum up the legal system for a bit.  And yes, it’s crazy.  But man, for once, I really wish I lived in LA!  I want my money, Miley!!