Miley Cyrus: Oh, Chinky Eye Funny!

February 4, 2009

If you haven’t heard by now, Miley Cyrus sucks.  If you already knew that, well, now she sucks even more.  A photo surfaced a few days ago showing this punkass girl doing the ol’ chinky-eye pose with a bunch of her other “hey, the chinky chinaman pose is fun!” friends.

Cyrus, sitting on boyfriend's lap

Cyrus, sitting on boyfriend's lap

Oh, sure, there’s an Asian dude in the picture.  But the presence of an Asian person does not give you a free pass to mock several BILLION people.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that we had to endure several Olympic teams posing like this, now this “fad” has spread to the retards of Hollywood. 

And yes, the rest of Miley’s punkass friends are assholes for doing this too.  But this particular retard, in case anyone forgot, has LEGIONS of little tweens following her every move and hanging on her every word.  How does it not bother more people that these super impressionable little children are worshiping a racist bitch?

Why is it that people think this sort of behavior is okay?  Is it because they see Asians doing it and conclude that, “Well, clearly it’s okay since Asians make fun of Asians!”  If that is indeed the case, then those morons are sadly mistaken.  It’s one thing to make fun of yourself.  It’s another thing to go Family Guy and make fun of the people who make fun of you.  It’s a WHOLE other thing to go ahead and make fun of an entire race of people based on their physical appearance.  What sort of backlash do you think Miley “Hanna Montana Bigot Racist” Cyrus would get if she showed up in a photograph wearing blackface?  Hmm…

And if this all wasn’t enough, the comments that you see after these stories are just as infurating.  Check TMZ and PinkIsTheNewBlog.  The ignorance practically oozes off the screen…

The Organization of Chinese Americans has released this statement.