Sotomayor As An… Asian??

June 8, 2009

Check out this nonsense from the cover of the National Review’s latest issue:






November 14, 2008

That’s right.  I’m a sore winner.

(I wish I’d created this, but sadly I can’t take credit for it…)

Knock Knock

Sarah Palin Hates Dem Bitches…

September 3, 2008

A lot of folks have been saying some pretty bad things about Sarah Palin lately. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve heard so far:

1) She’s pro-life, even in the case of rape.
2) She’s anti-gay marriage.
3) Thinks creationism should be taught in schools
4) She is an advocate of abstinence over sex education in schools
5) She hates kittens
6) She retains her youthful good looks by bathing in the blood of virgins.
7) She can only be killed by severing her head or destroying her brain.

…Okay, fine, those last three are probably made up. Probably…

But despite all that, she hasn’t really aroused my ire. Until now, anyway… This latest little tidbit really got me going:

Back in January of 2008, during an appearance on the “Bob and Mark Show,” Governor Palin stood by and laughed as co-host Bob Lester unleashed an overly-aggressive and rather tasteless attack on Senate President Lyda Green.

First, Lester refers to Green as a “jealous woman” and “a cancer.” Mind you, Ms. Green is actually a cancer survivor… so yeah, aside from the fact that it’s just generally in bad taste, that comment was particularly awful. Palin’s reaction? Nothing…

Then, Lester moves in for the kill and says:

“Governor you can’t say this but I will, Lyda Green is a cancer and a bitch.”

Can you guess what Palin’s reaction was this time? Shock? Disgust? Nay, my good people… She laughed. That’s right… She didn’t say, “Now hold on there, Bob” or “That may be crossing the line there,” or “Well, that’s not for me to say…” No no, she laughed at these crass statements. Ah, such noble and enlightened behavior… Maybe we should put her in the White House!

And here’s some more evidence, in case you’d like to hear the interview for yourself:

I’m not entirely sure what the GOP was thinking when they picked this tart… Maybe they want Obama to win, too?