LPGA To Require English Proficiency

August 27, 2008
They say they want you successful,
But then they make it stressful,
You start keeping pace,
they start shaking up the tempo…

– Mos Def

The Ladies Professional Golf Association announced yesterday that all of their players will have to be able to speak conversational English by 2009 or be suspended.  Hm… That’s funny, considering how, recently, a number of foreign women have been kicking ass and taking names on the tour. 

What about other sports?  Do they have some sort of language requirements?  Hm… Not really.  According to the New York Times, the MLB, NHL and NBA all said that they have no such restrictions.  Pat Courtney, a spokesperson for the MLB, said:

“Given the diverse nature of our sport, we don’t require that players speak English… It’s all about a comfort level.”

Huh.  Fancy that!  You have a lot of diversity in your league, so you want to make everyone more comfortable?  Wow!  Such crazy thinking! 

Maureen Coyle, the NBA’s VP for basketball communications said: “This is not something we have contemplated.”  Hm, so the thought of requiring your players to speak conversational English hasn’t even passed through your minds, you say?  Interesting!

All I have to say is, the LPGA is a bunch of dumbasses for even considering this.  I can just picture a bunch of people sitting around a table going, “These foreigners are taking over!  We must do something to stop them!”  “Wait, I know!  Make them all speak American!  That’ll show ’em!”





Aaaaand Spainish Basketball Can Suck It

August 18, 2008

As expected (and relished by me, at least), two of Spain’s racist-posing teams (see below) had their asses handed to them by the kings and queens of basketball. The results:

U.S. blows out world champs from Spain, 119-82

Third quarter run leads U.S. women past Spain, 93-55.

Sweet, sweet justice.

Apparently Spain Didn’t Get the Memo…

August 14, 2008

This is unbelievable. First the Spanish men’s basketball team poses in the “chink eye” pose… Then a photo appeared of the women’s basketball team doing the same thing (see post below).

NOW there’s a photo of the Spanish TENNIS team doing the SAME GODDAMN THING.

Maybe this isn’t really them? Or maybe it’s just some random candid that wasn’t supposed to get out? Nope!! This photo was found on the Spanish Tennis Federation’s website!!!

What. The. Fuck.

I am rapidly losing respect for Spain.

No, Spain, That Shit Ain’t Funny.

August 13, 2008

Sigh. It’s like I’m back in grade school.

The Spanish Olympic Basketball team (aka “assholes”) posed for this ridiculous picture in which they all pulled the skin back around their eyes… In some circles, this is known as giving someone the “chink eye.” It’s difficult to explain how offensive this gesture is, but for those of you who don’t know, suffice it to say, it’s fucking awful. Apparently the Spanish press is still trying to defend the picture, basically saying it was all in good fun and that it was an affectionate gesture. Affectionate my ass! The only other thing they could’ve done to make it worse is if they were holding up signs that said “Ching Chong!” or “We Love Chinks” or some shit like that. Why is it so difficult for these people to realize they fucked up and just apologize? How many offended people does it take for something like this to be considered wrong? A billion??

Speaking of a billion people, apparently China hasn’t responded officially to the picture, but the Spanish basketball team was “booed vigorously” by the Chinese crowd during the China-Spain game. No idea if that was due to the picture or not, though…

I hope those Spanish basketball players get their asses kicked all over the place when they play the US basketball team on 8/16.

UPDATE: Turns out the Spanish women’s basketball team also participated in this “chink eye” nonsense: