Racist Waitress Gets Canned

September 4, 2012


Ah, there is some justice in the world!

Some ignorant fool of a waitress at a Palo Alto restaurant called The Old Pro got canned for calling a couple of Asians “ching chongs.”

One word comes to mind: SUCKA.

Call people racist names = get fired. This is how the world should work all the time.

More about this here and here.



Megan Lochte Is A Horrible Person

August 25, 2012

This is the first story in almost three years for which it was worth coming out of retirement…

Let’s break this down. Megan Lochte is Ryan Lochte’s sister. Four years ago, after returning from the Beijing Olympics, she went on a Maryland talk show and decided it was going to be hilarious to give her thoughts on China and Chinese/Asian people. Observe this worthless human being in the clip below:

What a lovely young lady. Here are some choice quotes:

Host: How long were you there?
Megan: We were there for over a week. China was chinked out.

Wow. Such respect for other cultures. It just warms my heart.

Megan: [describing China] Chinks, everywhere.

Right. At one point the host suggests Megan stop using that word. Megan’s brilliant response? “But it, like, fits them, because they’re like, chinks!”

Ah, I get it. Just like calling you a worthless racist retard is fitting because you’re, like, a worthless racist retard!

Megan goes on to say that Chinese people “drive like ninjas.” The host aptly points out that ninjas are actually Japanese in origin. To which the lovely Megan responds:

They’re whatever we want, they’re Asian.

They’re whatever we want. Wow. Words can’t even begin to describe the depths of her racism.

Jezebel broke this story. More on it here and here.

[Update: the racist douchebag known as Megan Lochte has made statements to Celebuzz saying the video clip was taken out of context. She claims that she was playing a character that was racist and that her racist rant does not reflect her personal views or opinions.

Okay, fine, let’s just for a moment say we believe her. THIS DOESN’T CHANGE MUCH. You can’t go around saying that stuff. Let’s give it the racist litmus test: what would have happened if she did the same thing after visiting Africa? Would she have had the ovaries to go on television and start spouting the N-word, talking about fried chicken and watermelon? Mmmm… Methinks not. So why is it all of a sudden social commentary if you’re doing it with Asian people? Sorry, Megan. You’re still a racist douche.]

Miley Cyrus: Worst Celebrity Influence

October 30, 2009

It’s official.  Miley Cyrus is THE worst celebrity influence, beating out both Britney and Kanye.

What more is there to say?


Twana Chapman: Crazy Ass Parking Cop

October 26, 2009
Twana's Gonna Get You, Sucka!

Twana's Gonna Get You, Sucka!

Earlier this month, down in Chinatown NYC, some crazy parking cop mamed Twana Chapman tried to give Qiang Nian Zhu a parking ticket.  Sounds pretty normal.   After all, people get parking tickets all the time.  Oh wait… Except this time:

  • Zhu still had a minute left on his parking pass
  • Zhu’s wife was at the MuniMeter buying another pass
  • Chapman decided to give Zhu a ticket anyway
  • Zhu tried to cover his registration number so Chapman couldn’t see it… She responded by shouting at him and smacking him in the face with her scanner
  • Chapman supposedly then started shouting “You f—— Chinese, go back where you came from. All of you f—— Chinese,” at the crowd that was gathering
  • Zhu gets ARRESTED for some nonsense (obstructing administrative blah blah blah), spends 9 hours in jail, and is now facing criminal charges
  • All of this is captured on security camera footage

Wtf.  So the moral of the story is, even if you’re parked legally, cops can give you a ticket.  If you argue, you get smacked in the head and arrested.  Awesome.

More story and video footage here


“Asian Fit”

September 30, 2009

It seems that Oakley is trying to target the Asian (American?) market with these “Asian Fit” goggles:

Apparently they are “Designed to compliment Asian facial anatomy in both fit and comfort.”



UPDATE: Aha… This explains what they mean: Asian Fit Explained.

Playmobil’s “Asian” Family

September 25, 2009

Squinty eyes?  Check.

Ugly ass bowl haircuts?  Check.

Giant camera around dad’s neck?  Check.

All we’re missing is a math textbook, a kung-fu outfit, and the Laundromat/Grocery Store/Nail Salon playset!  Way to go, Playmobil!

Ching Chong Family!

Ching Chong Family!

Teaching stereotypes, one child at a time.



Miley: Classy As Always

August 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus: Proving once again, you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the stripper out of– wait a minute…

Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, Miley performed her song “Party In The USA.”  First, she emerges from what appears to be a big mobile home.  Go figure.  Then, she gave all her teen (and tween) fans a real treat when she hopped up on a ice cream cart and undulated around a tall, silver pole…


Um.  What?  Forget the fact that Miley sings like a wanna-be karaoke contest winner.  Forget the slightly questionable outfit she wore to the TEEN Choice Awards.  This is not okay.

Now, there are some idiots out there who think this was totally cool.  After all, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders dance around in little cheerleading outfits all the time, right?  Wrong.  Someone whose TARGET audience is made up of little girls should probably avoid slutting it up and pole-dancing on national TV.  Period.  I know there was that exotic dancing exercise craze a little while back…  But c’mon, how many 11-year old girls were enrolled in stripper dance class?

More on this ridiculousness here and here.  Video below (fast forward to 1:00, unless you really want to hear her sing).


UPDATE: Ed Norwick, the general manager of New York stripclub SCORES, has issued the following statement:

“While Miley did show off some skills, we at SCORES cannot encourage this kind of behavior for women under the legal age. If she’d like to come try out in a couple of years, our door’s open!”

HA! Looks like Miley’s got a future in entertainment after all…